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Online Poker: Learning how to multi-table

Most players who are new to poker may find multi-tabling, playing on multiple poker games at once, to be daunting. It is normal to feel that way but there are some things that you can try so you can make most out of multi-tabling from the start.Arranging your tablesTrue there will be a lot of […]

The Perils of Online Poker: 2

Collusion can take the face of many different things. After all, in the wilds of the internet world, there are plenty of opportunities for two people to work together anonymously. They can be talking in instant messages or emails, they can be talking on the phone or texting, they can even be in the same […]

The Perils of Online Poker: 1

As we all know, the internet is a great thing, whether you are playing poker or ordering something. However, we also know that with the advent of the technology behind online casinos, there are lots of opportunities for cheating in online casinos. People do things that would never be allowed in bricks and mortar casinos. […]

Erick Lindgren getting lucky online

Erick Lindgren getting very lucky in the FTOPS on Full Tilt. He makes some legit plays though, and I’m not agreeing with some of the comments on the vid saying Full Tilt favours its online pros.

Patrik Antonius and durrr play $350k+ pot FTP

Full Tilt Poker really is the home of ultra high stakes online poker, isn’t it? What a great push by Patrik Antonius, and what a SICK call by Tom Dwan calling down Patrik without a straight on a 4-card straight board… Pure online poker genius sickness…It’s a great game, isn’t it?

Win $2 PLHE SNG with Set of Jacks! :)

Full Tilt Poker Game #11760960809: $2 + $0.15 Heads Up Sit & Go (88216454), Table 1 – 10/20 – Pot Limit Hold’em – 3:14:16 ET – 2009/04/19Seat 1: Kwilll4i (1,500)Seat 2: SetofJacks (1,500)SetofJacks posts the small blind of 10Kwilll4i posts the big blind of 20The button is in seat #2*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to SetofJacks […]