flopYou know, looking at things from a different perspective, the language of poker probably really does seem like a foreign tongue to those who are new to the game.  Since, as we have said before, Texas Hold ‘Em and similar poker variations are undoubtedly the most populer versions, I thought it would be helpful to introduce novice and inexperienced players to some of the most common terms found in those games.

The Flop: the term “the Flop” refers to three community cards.  In Texas Hold ‘Em, they are dealt after all the players receive their two cards, face down.  These three cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table.  The players can use the cards to create the best hand in conjunction with their own hand.  They are collectively referred to as the Flop.

The Turn: this is the fourth community card dealt during the game.  Like the Flop, a betting round follows its appearance.

The River: this is the fifth and final community card dealt.  Again, it is dealt face up, and a betting round follows.